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the sister of your father or mother

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She said: "The Marie Curie Nursing Service was able to provide one to one care to Aunty Marian in the comfort of her own home.
After a slow burning start, while Facebook shifted to an older demographic, Aunty Acid has built up a huge fanbase.
WELSH Sheila (nee Wilkinson) There's only one Aunty Shelly
The divorces and illegitimate pregnancies that fueled the rumor mill of Aunty Josie's youth in the 1940s had become commonplace and bland over the last 60 years.
Aunty Ella woke Paula early the next morning and asked her to help prepare breakfast.
And chances are nil Aunty Sara - who lives in a health care center in Thousand Oaks - will ever have a TV show like Julia.
So, as per the plan, I distracted my aunty while my cousin rang the doorbell.
After he brought 11-4 joint favourite Aunty Euro from behind with a well-timed challenge on the rail to catch and beat Jalmira by a neck, Condon said: "After winning the two hurdle races I thought I was finished for the day, but Aunty Euro responded well when I asked her and she's made it a fantastic day for me.
I grew up calling her my Aunty Thirza and thinking of her as my fairy godmother' But her death came as a great shock to me and all of the friends she made in Heathfield, East Sussex.
Aunty Ida was born Ida Amelia Armstrong on 30 September 1919 on the Reserve at Cape Barren Island, which is one of the bigger islands in the Furneaux Group of Bass Strait.
Strictly on the face value of her running last time out, Aunty Rose would be as well staying in her nice warm box at John Dunlop's Arundel stable.
We also learn that women like Gwennie, who are victimized, and those like Aunty Cora, who are independent, have less of a stake in adhering to cultural norms, and therefore are more open to difference.
Also remembering Anne, a wonderful sister and aunty and all other loved ones gone before.
Aunty May has a visitor who has come around to help out around the house, unfortunately he is far more enthusiastic than capable.
Aunty Queenie, as she is known to many of us, was born in the small Waikato settlement of Otorohanga in November 1945.