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Synonyms for aunt

the sister of your father or mother

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But Aunt Eliza doesn't look just as I expected she would either.
You might make some queer mistake and Aunt Eliza would tell it all over the country.
Could I see my aunt, if I called in Montagu Square?
In the case of my misguided aunt, the form which pious perseverance was next to take revealed itself to me plainly enough.
Sophia well understood what her aunt meant; but did not think proper to make her an answer.
It is all very well for girls who are to get their own living by teaching, and that sort of thing; but all she needs is a year or two at a fashionable finishing school, so that at eighteen she can come out with eclat," put in Aunt Clara, who had been a beauty and a belle, and was still a handsome woman.
how short-sighted you all are to be discussing education and plans for the future, when this unhappy child is so plainly marked for the tomb," sighed Aunt Myra, with a lugubrious sniff and a solemn wag of the funereal bonnet, which she refused to remove, being afflicted with a chronic catarrh.
But, Aunt Chloe, I'm getting mighty hungry," said George.
Mose done, Mas'r George," said Aunt Chloe, lifting the lid and peeping in,--"browning beautiful--a real lovely brown.
ejaculated her aunt, turning sharply about as she reached the head of the stairs.
I did my duty, miss, when I told you what your aunt said.
Tupman,' said the spinster aunt, with averted head, 'I can hardly speak the words; but--but--you are not wholly indifferent to me.
My aunt, with her hands behind her, walked up and down the room, until the gentleman who had squinted at me from the upper window came in laughing.
They did not tell their niece the sad news for several days, not wishing to make her unhappy; but one morning the little girl found Aunt Em softly crying while Uncle Henry tried to comfort her.
When Phil had gone Aunt Jamesina looked solemnly at Anne.