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Nonetheless, each of the six surgeons with cases in this data set were experienced and fellowship-trained; therefore, minimizing the chances that grafts or augments were used inappropriately.
2 months) and underwent primary rTSA using either an augmented glenoid baseplate (cohort composed of 24 patients with a 8[degrees] posterior augment baseplate and 15 patients with a 10[degrees] superior augment baseplate) or a glenoid bone graft placed behind the baseplate (cohort composed of 5 patients with allograft and 36 patients with autograft) to obtain glenoid fixation in an eroded scapula.
MIT's magazine of innovation teamed with filmmaker Upland Productions to produce the video and Internet TV pioneer Brightcove to provide distribution and delivery services, to augment Technology Review's coverage.
The July/August documentary will augment "Getting Around Oil: Energy in the 21st Century," an examination of future energy sources in the absence of inexpensive oil.
The transition from 8[degrees] to 16[degrees] augment use began at 14[degrees], and by 25[degrees] only 16[degrees] augments were used.
The use of augments was 100% by 14[degrees] retroversion.
Key new capabilities added to CORE IMPACT that augment existing client-side attack capabilities, and enable faster more efficient penetration tests are:
ProClarity will augment the Microsoft platform by adding powerful analytic functionality to Microsoft scorecard applications which will allow organizations to thoroughly evaluate the performance of key business metrics and better understand business performance.
ProClarity will augment Microsoft's scorecard applications by integrating key components of the ProClarity(R) Analytics Platform with Maestro.
com augments these solutions by extending their capabilities beyond the point of sale and across the industry.
Acquisition Augments CI Wireless' High Quality Line of
Today's announcement significantly augments CI Wireless' comprehensive line of high quality wireless distribution solutions that are sold to global network operators, used to enhance the performance of wireless communications systems.
Augment uniquely applies Fibre Channel technology to create a separate, high-speed link between the AFX 410 server and client workstations that "augments" existing and emerging LAN architectures.
The award will be presented to Augment at ceremonies during the 1998 GATF/NSTF Annual Meeting being held September 19 - 22 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Augment's implementation of Fibre Channel technology for graphic arts prepress environments improves on the concept of Storage Area Networking by combining high-capacity storage in the file server with FC-AL technology to provide a direct, high-speed connection to Macintosh and Windows NT workstations that augments the user's existing LAN.