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a long flexible steel coil for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes

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hand tool for boring holes

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American Augers is providing two auger boring machines, cutting heads, auger packages and a small fluid system," said Dan Heath, American Augers training manager.
Material then can flow easily through an oversized opening at the bottom to a horizontal auger that feeds the mixing chamber.
Star Auger fillers from WeighPack maximize productivity and minimize downtime with several time-saving features.
This facility and the experienced, knowledgeable local work force has allowed us to offer a top quality line of 8", 10" and 12" diameter Commercial Top Drive Augers as well as Commercial Swing and Galvanized Commercial Swing Drive Augers in lengths from 34 feet to over 120 feet.
His double rotation ice auger eliminates the twisting force that other augers produce.
This method saves in power demand and wear and tear on combine augers and drivers.
It is his access to the fish and he needs to keep it in good running condition if he hopes to catch fish through the ice,'' said Bob Mattern, who repairs power augers at his sports shop in Northeast South Dakota, an ice-fishing mecca.
For the Augers, that meant about half a million dollars to spend on something more interesting.
Since auger type feeding is still required (because of the handling characteristics of the ingredients being handled), the use of two speed drive control with two different diameter augers is the answer.
Drilling is conducted using track-mounted hydraulic auger drills with either 6 or 8-inch diameter augers (6" for exploration and deeper holes).
American Augers releases the new DD-110, 110,000 pound horizontal directional drill boring machine, which debuted at the annual American Augers customer event in June.
Company Manufactures An Extensive Line of Top & Bottom Drive Augers For The Portable Grain Auger Market
Equipped with a servo-drive motor (as compared to clutch/brake or inverted gear AC motors on conventional augers) and a newly integrated PLC function, the Star Auger is now more accurate, has a noticeable increase in response time and reduces electrical interference when coupled with auxiliary packaging equipment.
Screw modules can be changed from single to twin augers.
is pleased to announce that the Company has become the Canadian distributor for the complete product line of American Augers.