auditory meatus

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either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane

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The referring veterinarian had performed a biopsy from the external auditory meatus mass 15 days before presentation.
The procedure adapted in our study was injecting local anesthetic agent just lateral to the bony cartilaginous junction at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions aiming to get a clear field in case our instruments touched the external auditory meatus.
In fact, hypoplastic right external auditory meatus and canal are attributed to developmental defects associated with NF1 [1].
A protruding mass was noted extending into the distal external auditory meatus on otological examination.
Because this is an electron technique, the external auditory meatus will be filled with a tissue equivalent substance (eg, water).
Bullae small, rounded, with a raised and anteriorly directed external auditory meatus.
Due to its funnel like structure, the outer ear acts to collect sounds and direct them into the external auditory meatus.
The external landmarks that approximate the foremen are varyingly described as the center of the head, the outer canthus of the eye or the external auditory meatus.
Summary Owing to the severity of its corrosive effects, an alkaline hearing-aid battery in the external auditory meatus is an otological emergency.
In the first stage of the study, patients referred for audiology evaluation underwent anamnesis, otoscopy to exclude obstructions of the external auditory meatus, and tonal and vocal audiometry, as per the routine in the reference service center.
A plug of tenacious supparative material which partially occluded the auditory meatus was seen whenever mites were present.
pus discharge of at least more than 6 weeks duration (intermittent or persistent) through a chronic perforation of tympanic membrane and patients with active discharge or pus in external auditory meatus were included in the study.
Computed tomography (CT) was performed, which showed a high and lateralized right jugular bulb that had a superolaterally pointing diverticulum that bulged into the lower mesotympanum and posterior external auditory meatus (figure 2).
INTRODUCTION: otomycosis or "otitis externa myotica" refers to a fungal or yeast infection of the external auditory meatus.