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For instance, one networking feature is a "by invitation" closed audition option for agents and talent that offers the privacy many agents look for when casting or auditioning.
It's a good idea for both the auditioning and the auditioners, but not at the same bar.
The use of technology in auditioning, feedback and teaching will greatly streamline and enhance the quality of the experience students have while making music.
Actors interested in auditioning are asked to first read the play and then to prepare a monologue in a similar style of no more than two minutes.
After auditioning in front of a panel of Green Pharmaceuticals employees at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, the winner will be paid for wearing the company logo for 30 days.
Director James Hergott commented: "One thing for certain, while the tour has a very specific focus of auditioning MMA fighters and actors for the movie, it will also be a blast, and we encourage people to come out and join us at our various destinations along the way.
It's a good idea to research the company or show you are auditioning for.
Hart Union High School District, any student interested in auditioning for Hart's music program can ask for an intradistrict transfer.
Three years before he burst into Jerry Seinfeld's apartment as neighbor Kramer, Michael Richards was auditioning to play Al Bundy.
You can have tons of talent, great technique, and artistry, but if you are not auditioning, the company or school that wants you is never going to know
She talked him into auditioning and they both got invited back.
Those interested in auditioning should go to The Field House at Chelsea Piers, adjacent to Pier 62, on West 23rd Street at 8:00 a.
With five years of auditioning for Broadway behind her, Karla Garcia attributes her first great success to two things: a relaxed mentality and a great outfit.
1) Contestants may enter by auditioning in person at local consumer electronics retailers in five cities beginning in October.