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magnetic tape for use in recording sound

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The Court asked the Prosecution, in addition to the audiotapes, to also provide evidence of who did the wiretapping and how.
According to the press office, apart from "undermining probes into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri," the leaked audiotapes also aimed at targeting the ties of "brotherhood and friendship between Prime Minister Saad Hariri and a number of his friends, primarily Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef Bin Abdel-Aziz.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, authorities are now looking into whether Natalie was the source of the audiotapes leaked to a celebrity website.
District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia ordered that the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) audiotape from United Airlines Flight 93 would not be publicly disseminated.
We then bought him a training manual in a paperback book format, but he soon told us that this was not working either, and he needed the training materials in an audiotape format.
Woo-Joo's room is filled with literacy materials: about 200 children's books, 30 Disney children's movies, 30 audiotapes for phonics, 20 audio books, 20 instructional software programs, and a computer.
Nourse got the idea after learning that Kathryn Held, special education coordinator at Tacoma Community College, was having problems finding college text audiotapes for students who are blind or have reading disabilities.
The AMTDA U curriculum comprises three levels of training that will be delivered through a variety of media--online, live workshops, audiotapes, CD-ROM, workbooks, and article archives.
Among Haights Cross's five business units is Oakstone Publishing which offers monthly subscription audiotapes, newsletters, multimedia, and web-based updates on the latest research and journal articles in the health field.
Computer chips, CDs, film, and video and audiotapes are usually rendered useless.
ABSTRACT The nursing process is used to provide a rationale for substituting formal lectures on maternal-child nursing theory with audiotapes included in instructional packages provided to students prior to scheduled classroom time.
We package and market you by putting together a professional kit with your biography, audiotapes, videotapes, and print-marketing materials.
Audiotapes of this year's homily and lectures are available from Family Media, Phone: (416) 757-4635.
The situation is worsening with audiotapes giving way to CDs, and DVDs supplanting VHS.
Audiotapes of all kinds--fiction, history, current events, etc.