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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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The system, which consists of PC-based software, an audiometrically optimised headset and audio processor, uses a patented loudness balancing technique whereby the loudness of a tone in one ear is balanced to a tone in the opposite ear at a known level.
All had normal hearing as verified audiometrically (American National Standards Institute, 1969) and were screened to ensure that they had no abnormal high-frequency hearing loss.
In this article, we describe our quality assessment of the value of EXT in treating patients with sudden and severe unilateral hearing loss, primarily by analyzing audiometrically quantified outcomes.
This may result in an abnormal, audiometrically induced bone-conduction threshold shift and suggest to the otologist the need for auditory brainstem response testing and/or magnetic resonance imaging.
Between 3 and 14 months postoperatively, the patency of the ear canal was assessed visually and hearing was evaluated audiometrically.