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the measurement of hearing


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measuring sensitivity of hearing

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Some authors have further compared the differences between unilateral SSHL (USSHL) and BSSHL patients with respect to clinical manifestations, audiometric characteristics, and laboratory results.
The New York State Department of Civil Service is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP), entitled Medical Examination & Mobile Audiometric Services to procure the services of multiple qualified organizations, either directly or through subcontracts with qualified organizations, to perform medical examination/testing services and/or mobile audiometric services.
Study exclusion criteria included a history of congenital hearing loss, identification of cholesteatoma or other middle ear mass lesions, identification of ossicular chain discontinuity or destruction, and missing pre- or postoperative audiometric testing.
According to International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)-8253 standard, audiometry was performed at least 16 hours after stopping exposure of the workers to the occupational noise and the necessary adjustments for age were applied for the audiometric results according to ISO-7029 standard.
The pure-tone audiometric examination revealed the presence of unilateral SNHL in two male patients and bilateral SNHL in one female patient (Table 2).
The 2011-2012 NHANES cycle included audiometric testing and hearing-related questions for a nationally representative sample of adults aged 20-69 years.
Audiometric tests were conducted on 18 offiicials from November 2013 through January 2014.
When completed, the standard is intended to establish performance, interoperability and validation requirements of the devices and software used for audiometric pre-screening.
In Audiometric Services, Habib Physiotherapy Complex has a specialist for audiometric patients to treat patients.
4] Smartphones have the potential to test hearing through audiometric applications.
A linear mixed model was fit to the audiometric thresholds of our subjects.
Repeat audiometric testing four to six weeks after the screening test showed that the hearing loss was consistent in over 60% of the children, and the number of children with consistent losses increased by grade.
Audiometric examinations evaluated hearing thresholds at speech frequencies and high frequencies.
It covers the four main competencies of most state practical exams: audiometric testing, impression taking, hearing aid fitting and orientation, and hearing aid care and follow-up.
698: Table 1], who evaluated audiometric notches of 2,159 participants in the Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study (EHLS) at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin [24].