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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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The audiometer is light and portable (carried in a small suitcase, it consists of a headset, computer tablet and software), and can detect ototoxicity by measuring the ear's ability to detect very high frequencies.
The OtoID device, shown in Figure 1 during subject self-testing, is comprised of an ARM-based processor with a touch-screen monitor running Microsoft Windows CE (Microsoft; Redmond, Washington) and OtoID firmware, a custom audiometer circuit board with extended high-frequency audiometer (HFA) capability and Sennheiser HDA200 circumaural headphones (Sennheiser Electronic Corp; Old Lyme, Connecticut).
Bone conduction hearing can be tested using a rubber rod connected to the audiometer.
Nielsen thought he could do better and installed audiometers in a select group of radios, and later, televisions; he supplemented this with diaries sent to anonymous "Nielsen families," who jotted down when and what shows they watched.
The comprehensive test battery, high-frequency testing, and a built-in power amplifier deliver a powerful audiometer with innovative clinical features that save time and money.
ii) Immittance Audiometer, Amplied 750 (Amplied, Italy)-Immittance audiometer with TDH 49 earphone, 226 Hz probe tone frequency, was used to evaluate the middle ear function of each ear of the clients.
We took an audiometer and we measured the human voice from the second row to next to last row," he said.
Doctors usually have to rewrite obtained data by hand into electronic patient card index, than again by hand or using a simple program count the Fowler coefficient and also graphical output of audiometer (audiometrical curves) has to be enclosed.
Tenders are invited for two channel clinical diagnostic audiometer with all accessories
Figure 12-1: Total Audiometer and Tympanometer Market, U.
Tenders are invited for supply of Diagnostic Audiometer with free filed VRA for ENT Department (ONE NUMBER) attached to Govt.
Tenders are invited for purchase of impedance audiometer for ent.
Delivery of new diagnostic tools for visual conditional audiometry for stem auditory potentials (BERA) and brain auditory evoked potentials (CAEP), to verify the correct target profit of hearing (electroacoustic verification) and 1 clinical audiometer, including all accessories.
On this trip, she also donated $10,000 of medical equipment including an audiometer and impedance bridge, and coordinated the donation of 14 hearing aids from Widex and Phonak Hearing Aid Companies and $20,000 in additional supplies including hearing aid batteries and ear cleaning equipment.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Pure tone Audiometer Materials at etc pwda, vashi.