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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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The subject of the project is the clinic audiometer with hearing loss detection equipment at hyvink hospital~~s earmuff clinic.
Bone conduction hearing can be tested using a rubber rod connected to the audiometer.
This data can include hearing and pulmonary tests, which actually can be brought over automatically from an audiometer or spirometer.
The comprehensive test battery, high-frequency testing, and a built-in power amplifier deliver a powerful audiometer with innovative clinical features that save time and money.
As an analogy, a standard hearing test does not directly measure the "true" hearing level but indirectly measures the patient's subjective perception of what he/she hears as the tones are generated by the audiometer.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Diagnostic Audiometer With Accessories For Nsch,Talcher
Small and lightweight, the FDA-approved AA222 combines many of the features on the two-channel clinical audiometer, as well as on the impedance instrument.
The subject of a public contract is the delivery of an audiometer.
Audiometer Validation Test to determine how well the audiometers could identify up to 33 different radio services (both music and speech-based) under as wide a variety of real life situations as possible.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Audiometer Impedance With Contra Ear Testing Facilities
Maico Diagnostics, in the audiometric business for more than 60 years, offers the MA 27 audiometer model.
Tenders are invited for Processing of dual channel audiometer
The expert-systems audiometer that he developed has been used on three continents for the testing of more than 250,000 patients.
According to the agreement, audiometric data obtained with either the GSI 61 Clinical Audiometer or the GSI Audera ASSR/AEP System can be printed in bar-coded format.
Tenders are invited for the hse have a requirement for equipment for audiology equipment for midland regional hospital tullamore including combined evoked response audiometer otoacoustic emissions x 3 and hand held teoae screening instrument x 1.