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the measurement of hearing


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The Hearing Center helps patients adjust to hearing aids with free classes led by trained audiologists that guide patients on how to maximize the benefit of their hearing aids.
Taken as a whole, unbundling requires a shift in how audiologists think about price and value.
A Background Briefing investigation has found that even audiologists who don't directly work for manufacturers often receive commissions and other incentives to sell hearing aids to their patients.
Each PATM audiologist (n = 3) received 30-35 h in 3 h increments of release time from clinical duties to complete the online course.
Audiologist marketing that concentrates on the positive, honest feedback of customers is beneficial, especially in web searches.
The environmental science and engineering officer and the audiologist collaborated to devise a system to successfully cover the requests for noise surveillance (Figure 3).
The audiologist sends tones to the child, starting from approximately 65 db down to the softest sound perceived.
The center has 24 employees, including seven speech pathologists and three full-time audiologists and one part-time audiologist, Hamblen said.
Shell, an audiologist with the Hearing Health Clinic at 2950 Squalicum Parkway, earned her doctorate while maintaining a full time job and riding horses competitively.
Written by audiologist and award-winning author John M.
Sound levels above 85 decibels (unit of sound intensity) can damage ears, says Brian Fligor, an audiologist, or hearing specialist at Children's Hospital Boston.
It requires a great deal of work on the part of the patient and their audiologist to tune the device, or what we call program it,'' he said.
See Harlan Lane, The Mask of Benevolence: Disabling the Deaf Community (New York, 1992) for criticism of the audiologist treatment model and the effect of cochlear implants.
One of the greatest rewards of being an audiologist for Paul Farrell is "the expression of wonder and happiness on a child's face when he hears the sounds of the world around him for the first time.
Your referral will determine whether that hearing test by the audiologist will be covered under Medicare.