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a cassette for audiotape

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In addition, cartridges will allow longer playing time and practically eliminate the need to change cartridges, as is often required with audiocassettes.
TDK said it stopped production of audiocassette tapes and floppy disks at a plant in California on March 31.
The focus is on "Nostalgia" with products being manufactured and marketed as CDs, AudioCassettes and Videos.
of which Loren is the president) sell his books, audiocassettes, T-shirts and tackle and are working on movie deals.
Its 9-inch working throat width accommodates thick business documents as well as CD-ROMs, floppy disks, microfilm, audiocassettes, ID badges, and credit cards.
Allied is one of the leading multimedia duplicators of CDs, CD-ROM, audiocassettes and videocassettes in the United States.
Butler's audiocassettes, his hour-long music videocassette and a sing-along songbook is available for $29.
In addition, PNC Bank has produced Braille and large type instruction booklets, as well as audiocassettes that explain the withdrawal, transfer and deposit transactions in detail for each of PNC Bank's ATM models.
In addition, compact discs and audiocassettes, without the bonus selection, will be available at all Blockbuster Video and Blockbuster Music stores.
is a leading manufacturer of information storage media products including computer tapes, broadcasting video tapes, optical disks, floppy disks and memory cards, audio and video products including mini discs, audiocassettes and videocassettes, and battery products including lithium ion rechargeable batteries, micro batteries and dry cell batteries.
Barb has also authored two best selling books and numerous audiocassettes and videos about the advantages of Home Staging(R).
These include professional and consumer film and cameras, minilabs, a chemical-free photographic color copier, photographic paper and photofinishing supplies, 8mm camcorders, electronic imaging products, professional motion picture film, professional and consumer videotape, audiocassettes, computer floppy disks, data tapes and cartridges, optical disks, computer accessories, microfilm and other micrographic products, graphic arts film, plates, equipment and chemistry, a color proofing system, monotone scanner systems and reprographic films.
The Walking Program features two 60-minute audiocassettes and an informative instruction booklet.
Using research-based software that adapts to the student's learning pace, each of the program's three levels provides a full year of daily instructional activities, as well as take-home books, videotapes, CDs, and audiocassettes to extend the learning process.
Listeners wanting the interviews on audiocassettes or audio CDs will be able to do so by contacting O'Reilly & Associates through the Internet at "radio@ora.