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a cassette for audiotape

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The company said it plans to transfer the production of audiocassettes to its plants in Germany and Thailand, but procurement of other products will be outsourced, it said.
95 Paperback; also available in audiocassette and audio CD
While there may be fewer consumers making audiocassette copies of CDs, those involved in the segment note that the business is in a state of transition as such new formats as the MP3 digital audio recorder and recordable CD begin to emerge in the mass market.
It will be published three times a year in print, on audiocassette and via' a CD/Internet version.
The Complete Guide to Nutritional Supplements is also available on audiocassette for $13.
In the three bars he installed, every smile was captured on audiocassette and videotape, empty bottles archived, and discarded pasta boxes were preserved in files.
This packet of materials includes an article, "Development of a Self-Guided Audiocassette Tour at a Large Academic Research Library: Preliminary Report," which originally appeared in the Summer 1986 issue of "Research Strategies," and the scripts for self-guided audiocassette tours of the main and undergraduate libraries at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Founded in 1954, Digital Excellence offers CD, DVD, video and audiocassette duplication and packaging services to clients from coast-to-coast, including trade, educational, religious and technical publishers and marketers of spoken word and musical recordings and videos.
Course materials are available in large print, braille, audiocassette, and online.
Flawlessly recorded in three unabridged formats that include audiocassette ($39.
This inclusive audiocassette course on employee theft interrogation covers preparation, embezzlement interrogations, single incident theft involving regular and unusual access, and ongoing thefts.
NEW YORK -- After nearly a decade of false starts, the minidisc format may be ready to grow into a truly mass market alternative to the audiocassette and compact disc.
DVC is smaller than an 8mm videocassette or even a standard audiocassette and offers a very sharp picture," explains Frank Bulzomi, brand manager at Fuji Photo Film USA Inc.
However, when you want to add a unique strategy to your package, consider the audiocassette.
Beginning with the introduction of the audiocassette, through the home video revolution, and right up to the current digital and electronic delivery era, IRMA has always been the organization companies turn to for news, networking, market research, information services and leadership.