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compact discs used to reproduce sound (voice and music)

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Offer is strictly subject to availability and audio CDs will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis.
Our new hybrid Super Audio CD line reflects Sony's and Sony Music's shared commitment to providing the most advanced recording and playback technologies so that every music fan can experience unsurpassed SACD sound quality on equipment that is fully compatible with their existing CD collection, stereo and home entertainment systems.
Lately, there has been a flurry of mostly freeware programs that allow you to copy tracks from an audio CD and convert them into the .
Since an audio CD player has no SCSI interface, you can't hook it up to a personal computer.
This voucher entitles the bearer to a FREE The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me audio CD.
Electronics company Royal Philips Electronics (Philips) is set to supply its Super Audio CD single-chip solution to home entertainment products producer Pioneer for use in two of its upcoming products.
Includes illustrated Listen, Chant & Sing Big Book, musical audio CD, home connection activity book, activity cards, Reading Rods in storage tub, color-coded Reading Rods Overhead Tiles, instruction and activity book.
To pick up your free copy of George's Marvellous Medicine audio CD, just cut out the voucher, left, and take it to your local RS McColl or McColls store in Scotland today only.
EVERY day this week, we're giving you a classic audio CD from world famous children's author Roald Dahl.
BOSTON -- To create audio CD guides for World Cup fans traveling to Germany, PUMA International, the global athletic brand needed to creatively package 12 hours of audio guides in five languages on CD, plus accompanying maps--and do it fast
ROALD Dahl is one of the world's most beloved children's authors and every day this week we are giving you the chance to pick up a FREE audio CD of a classic book.
Or you may claim the free audio CD only, see coupon for details.
amp; GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman -- O2Micro(R) International Limited (Nasdaq:OIIM), a leading supplier of innovative power management, and security components and systems for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial, and Communications markets, received 31 claims under United States patent number 6,895,448 for its Low-Power Audio CD Player invention for portable computers; a continuation of the invention issued March 2004 under United States patent number 6,711,631.