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Synonyms for audaciousness

Synonyms for audaciousness

fearless daring

aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery

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I think it's partly the audaciousness of Luther, up against the fact that it's a British show and we tend not to do it that big and daft," he says of the show's popularity.
CANNES -- James Gray's sincere melodrama "The Immigrant" has divided the Cannes Film Festival not for its politics or its audaciousness, but for its sentimentality.
They say the words "Hey, Celestial" (190), signaling audaciousness and shared admiration that allows them to face their primal scenes together.
The audaciousness of the experiment raised expectations among many viewers (perhaps to an unrealistic level for some) that Colbert would use television advertisements and other public interventions for direct advocacy work against the current proliferation of super PACs.
At the Stanze del Vetro, Scarpa's designs for Venini have been arranged into 30 subgroupings that testify to not only the diversity but also the audaciousness of his creations.
According to Pattinson, Maxwell, whose talent and audaciousness excited Victorian coaches well before his sudden elevation to the world stage, has taken the tag well.
My husband and I could not contain our laughter at the audaciousness of "Little Sojourner.
The audaciousness of Franca's commitment to create a professional ballet company and ultimately drive it to international standards is amazing.
Mehmet Altan, a professor of economics in Istanbul University, emerged as one of the leftists who was impressed by Ozal's "right revisionism," his taboo-breaking audaciousness, his mockery of the authoritarian conventions of the establishment and explicit renunciation of many of Kemalist credos in the 1980s.
More specifically, the study will examine two principal womanist ideas that are obvious in these wonts: audaciousness especially in defending the worldwide women's rights, and the global trait of their activism.
But the people indeed rebelled, persevered and challenged repression and oppression with an audaciousness that deserves to be saluted.
But for all its audaciousness, it's ultimately a warmhearted story about losers who get a chance to do something great.
My intention was to recognize her influence on the sound, feel, and attitude of rock and roll and indicate the audaciousness of her liberated black femininity.
Sacred audaciousness and sacred cruelty--audaciousness toward the mighty ancient gods, their doctrine and regime, and cruelty toward himself and others, near and far, for the sake of the sacred goal--thus the revolution redeems ordinary evil and transforms it into good.
The audaciousness of the hat, from the church hierarchy's point of view, was that a Mennonite woman wearing one was no longer distinguishable from women of the outer world and thus no longer wore "the badge of nonconformity of the entire church community" (195).