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of or by or typical of an author


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In fact, several details of this passage belong exclusively to his auctorial persona.
If this seems something of a digression, let me say that it helps to carry the auctorial voice around the embarrassment of declaring that I boxed better on that day than I ever did before, or since.
The compatibility of Lawrence's treatment of male-female conflict in "Wintry Peacock" with current thinking in the field of evolutionary psychology is not the result of auctorial intention.
One of this study's greatest strengths lies in its invitation to rethink Flaubert's auctorial decision to add a very specific subtitle to his work, a subtitle that, as Holm demonstrates effectively, deserves just as much credit as the main title.
From an auctorial perspective, intervals are also those empty or transitional periods of the search for a new poetic art which is usually achieved through the retrieval of past models and their transformation into a personal aesthetic.
Ce refus d'une representation idealisee ou simplement realiste des heros proposes en modele a la jeunesse doit etre interprete comme une marque d'autonomie de l'image vis-a-vis des regles de la litterature edifiante, de la narration et des intentions ideologiques du discours auctorial.
bar]hiz is not playful or that he does not voice his characters uttering jokes and witticisms--sometimes he also voices his own various auctorial personae as uttering these witticisms.
In any event, the psychological component of Mann's auctorial equation engages all the energy and persuasive force of the twentieth-century's dominant organon for explaining the workings of the human personality.
More significantly, perhaps, by the rime the reader emerges from the cave of confession and deception, the writer has become the Writer, and his auctorial voice is what eventually guides us through the bustle of the platform and out of the story.
Antonio saves his immortal soul, even if by auctorial fiat.
Instead of losing faith as Brown does, Manischevitz's faith is sustained; nevertheless, the fanciful auctorial device in both stories operates similarly by drawing on the supernatural to support a moral position, for Brown a rejection of faith and for Manischevitz a confirmation of it.
Neanmoins, ce dispositif parodique ne se reduit pas, rappelons-le, a une distanciation ponctuelle, en vertu de laquelle le futur auteur de La Comedie humaine, en quete d'un statut auctorial legitime, ferait tabula rasa du roman noir; il s'integre plutot dans une poetique specifiquement balzacienne qui, dans La Peau de chagrin en particulier, travaille a articuler le reemploi formel d'un genre et une problematisation semantique du reel.
Amis' manipulative auctorial narrator "tortures the characters into life" and finally annihilates them (Finney 3).
For me it was the opposite--I started with an auctorial narrative stance; I wrote Das Vergnugen in the third person.