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a platform from which an auctioneer sells


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It's asssisting in keeping city-owned pieces in the museum off the auction block as some lenders demand they be sold to repay some of the city's billions in debt.
BEVERLY HILLS, California: The jacket Michael Jackson wore in his "Thriller" video is on the auction block.
From Auction Block to Oval Office: 100 Poems in 100 Days of Obama's Presidency" is a collection of poems from Kahlil Almustafa, putting his award-winning expertise to good use as he reflects on the first hundred days of the historic presidency of Barack Obama.
One of the items on the auction block was a Case stationary wire tie baler in working order.
RARE works by Charles Dickens, including a page from the original manuscript of Pickwick Papers and an illustration of the Oliver Twist character Bill Sykes, are going on the auction block.
Orson Welles' Oscar is headed for the auction block in December.
Fourteen slaves were put on the auction block to raise money for the Don McMath Foundation School in Gambia, West Africa.
is in the early stages of placing its plastics business on the auction block.
HOLLYWOOD SALE: Premiere Props is putting some one-of-a-kind movie treasures on the auction block this weekend in a huge sale.
To believe that such rights should be legally and ethically subjected to the whims of a public auction block is such a gross and disastrous abrogation of intellectual consistency and integrity as to be positively unbelievable.
Could jails and prisons be put on the auction block, as well--as post-9/11 America takes an ominous turn in the direction of a police state?
Now it looks like Inco is back on the auction block.
NVP has until Friday to deposit $75 million or Varig will go back onto the auction block.
had netted only eight bids after a week on the US auction block, but the listing on www.
While profit margins associated with government deals are thin, economies of scale achieved are enough to bring suppliers to the government auction block.