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a young foreigner who lives with a family in return for doing light housework

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THE parents of former au pair and convicted child killer Louise Woodward have been charged with theft, it was disclosed today.
Over the years, there has been high demand for au pairs from such European countries as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden," said Ruth Ferry, senior vice president and director of Au Pair in America.
EurAupair has a large pool or applicants awaiting a chance at becoming an au pair in America.
Continuing the interaction during the lunch, and to facilitate the one-on-one consultations between an Au Pair, and speakers and panelists from Norwegian institutions, some FilCom members volunteered as translators.
A PRESCOT dad denied using a picture of his daughter to lure two au pairs to the UK for sex.
EurAupair is a trusted not-for-profit au pair agency in the USA.
From what I know, the au pair began as a program for European young women to travel to other countries, most notably the United Kingdom and the United States, and there get some form of cultural immersion while working part-time as nannies.
an American au pair studying in the Austrian capital, but the U.
He insisted au pair agencies should be registered and licensed appropriately, adding: "I would be very clear here the time for ambiguity around this is probably well past.
In this context we must remember that whereas in some countries the profession as part-time or full-time nanny -- or au pair -- has been for decades held in high esteem, in others it is, so to speak, a rather new yet much welcome arrival on the (taking care of the family) block.
TROTTING au pair Sarah Short has found her vocation in life - working for her Mum's fledgling business.
I am passionate about changing people's lives and My Food Bag and Au Pair Link does that.
Some of the horror stories include: A naked and drunk father climbing into the bed |of a sleeping au pair Families monitoring Facebook messages and |installing cameras around the home A nanny being locked out of the house in the |middle of the night with all her stuff dumped on the street, and A father sending a girl 38 text messages and |calling her 45 times a day after she was forced to leave the job due to illness.
A FRENCH au pair who went on the run after stealing from her South Wales employers has admitted she did it to buy drugs.
And she apologised to the Llantwit Major family who took her in as their au pair, adding that she also wanted to say sorry to "your country" for her actions.