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served in its natural juices or gravy

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Two more accoutrement arrive: an aged beef fat au jus and a dish of cultured butter.
Une autre formule : employer le jus de concombre melange au jus de citron afin d'obtenir une couleur de la peau plus claire.
Histoire du droit des gens: du jus gentium imperial au jus publicum europaeum.
25), thinly sliced roast beef topped with Swiss cheese and sauteed onions and peppers, with a side of au jus.
Today, knowledge of ethnic and regional cuisines is as important as the ability to pronounce au jus correctly was two generations ago.
starter fillet of sole eugenie, duet of sole and king crab, medley of vegetables au jus and its crispy sauce Eugenie
Hormel Beef Roast Au Jus treats its juice like gravy, so the Nutrition Facts on the package are for a 5-ounce serving.
The lentil and chorizo soup is exquisite and other choices include garlic soup, beef au jus and a variety of rice dishes (the rice with clams was an impressive sight).
With a little urging, John Hope shares his political opinions while waiting to be served his beef au jus during an evening banquet the first night of the conference.
Men of pork meet women of steak meet children rare au jus.
It's bad enough having to gnaw on the inedible beef au jus and starchy carrot sticks while listening to blowhards like Bill Parcells, Pat Riley, and Phil Jackson gloat about their successes.
It's Gamay noir au jus blanc and is a tasty, fruity son-of-a-gun.
On January, 13 1995, Mr Goerres was found to be retailing the following products: Fanta orange, soda au jus d'orange (labelled in French), Corn flakes (in English), I Pelati Di San Marzano -Il Vero Gusto del Pomodoro (in Italian), Pasta sauce with olives and capers (in English).