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any state that is not typical



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2006), "Male-to-Female Transgender Youth: Gender Expression Milestones, Gender Atypicality, Victimization, and Parents' Responses," Journal of GLBT Family Studies 2(1): 71-92.
These philosophic texts have agendas, but that should not lead us to dismiss them because of assumed atypicality.
14] These include questions on atypicality of presentation as well as temporal and/or physiological relationship to a GMC and/or substances.
Thus, regardless of how it is manifested, male androphilia is associated with gender atypicality in childhood and adulthood.
It is not universal synthetic conjectures about the natures of people of African descent which have been submitted to inquiry, but existential conjectures regarding their atypicality within the reference universe.
75) Grading is performed by a subjective, semiquantitative analysis of the relative number and atypicality of the foci of immature neural tissues (neuroepithelial tubules and neural blastema) present in the tumor.
While the descriptor transgender typically brings to mind someone who wants to transition to the other sex/gender both socially and physically through surgical procedures, it can also refer to people who express gender atypicality along a continuum, including, for example, cross-dressers, those who present as gender ambiguous, or those who live in the role of the other gender without surgical or hormonal intervention.
As Sheridan notes, this focus on atypicality leads Schlink "into a 'distortion' of truth by means of literary stereotyping," and verges on the antisemitic.
9) The combination of social typicality with political atypicality poses specific methodological challenges, and we will not get far in isolating the circumstances in which the atypical emerged if we fail to identify those features of these communities which were also atypical.
Situations and cases non-common or atypical concerning the determinants hypothesis of rules, and whose concrete atypicality justify those deviations.
Fifteen papers from the three workshops test perverse coherent sheaves on the nilpotent cone, prove the Kac-Wakimoto atypicality conject rue for a Lie superalgebra, locate non-trivial cohomology classes for finite groups of Lie type II, and derive a semi-simple series for q-Weyl and q-Sprecht modules.
they were scored three different ways: 1) assigning a 2, 3, and 4 to responses; 2) assigning a 1, 3, and 5 to responses; and 3) weighting in terms of typicality and atypicality.
This instrument assesses four dimensions: clinical maladjustment (anxiety, atypicality, locus of control); school maladjustment (negative attitude towards school, negative attitude towards teachers); personal adjustment (interpersonal relations, relationship with parents, self-confidence, self-esteem); and index of emotional symptoms (anxiety, interpersonal relations, self-esteem, social stress, depression, sense of inadequacy).