atypical pneumonia

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The changes in the Legionnaires' disease series after 2002-2003 may result from increased vigilance, testing, and reporting of atypical pneumonias (24).
The outbreak and spread of atypical pneumonia has already brought some negative influences upon the nation's travel, trade, foreign relations, and social life.
5), (6 ) At the time that atypical pneumonia was first described, organisms like Mycoplastna, Chlamplophila, and Legionella still were not recognized as bacteria due to their small size, previously uncharacterized structure, and in some cases obligate reproductive lifecycles, and instead were considered to be viruses.
Atypical pneumonia in children in Islamabad: Clinical features and response to macrolides.
Treatment regimens have included several antibiotics to presumptively treat known bacterial agents of atypical pneumonia.
on 256 Taiwanese patients with clinical suspicion of atypical pneumonia, M.
CT-proAVP concentrations were significantly lower in patients with atypical pneumonia than in patients whose pneumonia was bacterial (P = 0.
I was diagnosed with atypical pneumonia which is caused by a bacterial infection.
If atypical pneumonia was suspected, the ceftriaxone patients also could receive IV erythromycin 0.
If clinicians suspected atypical pneumonia, patients in the cef-triaxone group also could receive IV erythromycin 0.
Tularemia becomes more likely as a source of pneumonia if patients have a severe, atypical pneumonia with pleuritis, hilar lymphadenopathy, and negative blood cultures and do not respond to beta-lactam antibiotics.
Teresa Choi, the center's principal medical and health officer, told a press conference the center will ask the Hospital Authority that runs public hospitals in Hong Kong to monitor patients with atypical pneumonia and who have recently traveled to mainland cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
This diet continued until she was eight - until after the most serious of all her illnesses, an atypical pneumonia, later called Legionnaires' Disease.
A chest X-ray confirmed he was suffering from atypical pneumonia.
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