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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

Words related to attune

adjust or accustom to

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For Bowlby, attuning to the inner experiences of others rather than merely one's own, predicts a sense of continuity and safety for those in one's care (Trusty, Ng, & Watts, 2005).
Encouraging the reader to connect with the part that recalls his or her origins in paradise, and offering means to restore Biblical purity and grace within the mortal world, Recreating Eden stresses the importance of attuning oneself to the Divine Design and fostering harmony through the power of one's own decisions.
A new attuning of the elements occurred, as on a harp the notes may change their rhythm, though all the while preserving the same tone; and this is just what happened.
By attuning our products to meet their evolving needs, Fiberlock continues to set the standard in mold remediation today.
Similarly, Winnicott (1965) reported that attuning to the internal experience of another provides for the development of trust and autonomy.