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Synonyms for attune

Synonyms for attune

to alter for proper functioning

Words related to attune

adjust or accustom to

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Arvind Kumar, Founder & CEO, Attune Technologies said, This is an exciting moment for us.
Attune Chocolate Probiotic Wellness Bars are available in 80-calorie Dark Chocolate (made with 68 percent cocoa) and 100-calorie Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Crisp and Blueberry Vanilla varieties and are a good source of calcium - something every body needs.
attune for Retail has done the majority of work upfront to accelerate the process and eliminate these obstacles so customers can focus on what they do best - building their brands and running successful retail stores.
With more than 15 years of diverse global consulting and business experience, he joins attune from PwC where he was a management consultant guiding fashion and lifestyle clients such as Timberland through their change management communications and training associated with large-scale ERP technology deployments.
Attune and Maestro File Manager are trademarks or registered trademarks of Attune Systems, Inc.
Attune is a first of its kind cytometry system designed to use sound waves to precisely control the movement of cells.
With the launch of BTS and Managed Services, attune brings unsurpassed expertise in the technologies, processes, and support mechanisms required by fashion brands to create a business environment that can respond to changing market demands and support an increasingly complex global supply chain.
Located in Palm Spring, California, Attune RTD is an environmentally conscious, socially responsible company providing smart products that eliminate inefficiencies and reduce energy consumption.
About attune A premier global solution provider to the fashion industry, attune empowers companies at all stages of the fashion value chain to maximize revenue, ROI, and supply chain visibility.
We are thrilled to add Uncle Sam and Erewhon cereals, two brands firmly rooted in the digestive health space, to the Attune Foods line-up of innovative products.
attune has become our go-to partner for major projects related to our SAP AFS implementation.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Attune Foods, maker of the world's first probiotic chocolate bar and the complete line of Attune Probiotic Bars, is introducing its latest creations - Coffee Bean, Raspberry and Almond chocolate bars that are packed with the digestive health and immunity benefits of probiotics.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- attune Consulting, a premier global solutions provider to the fashion and lifestyle industries, today announced its collaboration with SAP on plans to design and develop a new solution to better meet the challenges faced by apparel, footwear, and accessory companies.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- attune Consulting, a premier global solutions provider to the fashion and lifestyle industries, today shared the top four technology advances to expect from retail mobile point of sale (POS) solutions over the next 12-18 months.
How it works: Attune continuously and unobtrusively checks PC systems for possible problems and updates the user with new, relevant and timely information messages only where applicable.