attrition rate

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the rate of shrinkage in size or number

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I welcome the work some universities have done to bring the attrition rate down by .
In 2011, the mean attrition rate for associate degree programs was 9.
National chair of Nursing Educators in the Tertiary Sector Kathy Holloway said, while the attrition rate seemed high, she would like to see how it compared with previous decades and other professions.
The public and medical sectors once again report sub-20 percent attrition rates, and manufacturing respondents have very low attrition rates as well this year.
The attrition rate is the highest ever seen and "more than we are comfortable with", Shibulal told a briefing.
The analytics behind the scorecard allow the team to measure important metrics such as attrition rates, cross-sell ratios, campaign results and ROI.
Emma's role as a troubleshooter with a "one stop shop" solution helps to reduce these high attrition rates and increase staff motivation and productivity.
This, says HFR, represented a quarterly attrition rate of 4.
7% and 13%, while the overall involuntary attrition rate was reported as 10% to 13.
The Department has the lowest attrition rate among the foreign affairs agencies and one of the lowest rates governmentwide, as shown in Table 1.
What if we were to cut the T to fifteen weeks with an ensuing attrition rate of 10 percent?
We know with the attrition rate we've experienced, we can absorb the remainder of the employees at the refinery into other areas.
Even with an attrition rate that borders on 60%, Martinez, the general manager of Avon Argentina, can expect some 8,000 small-but steady revenue streams during 2003.
org), the attrition rate at the end of the first year of college averages 28 percent at public four-year IHEs, and 25 percent at private four-year institutions.
Finally, the hotel backed off and let the lower attrition rate because of a letter from the group saying that, "effective immediately we cancel and we owed them another $40,000 to add to the $40,000 deposit and that was a third of what their attrition in.