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Synonyms for attract

Synonyms for attract

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

to arouse the interest and attention of

Synonyms for attract

direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes

exert a force on (a body) causing it to approach or prevent it from moving away

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What attracts those of us in lay movements is knowing that God happens in the midst of whatever we are doing.
All professions today recognize the need to attract minorities to the ranks in order to reflect the makeup of their clients.
That innovation attracts more consumers, and it's kind of a virtuous circle.
14 that the agency, in conjunction with the September 11th Fund, will fund a large-scale tourism and marketing campaign to attract visitors to Chinatown.
One towering spruce attracts a raucous colony of monk parakeets, bright green refugees from South America that have established themselves around New England.
Aside from its ability to attract giant swallowtails, fennel is also a magnet to hover flies.
The racetrack attracts between 1,200-1,500 people on race nights and employs over 100 local area people, including service people in the food concessions, waiters, housekeeping, ticket sellers, race starters and various other full-time managerial positions and part-time positions.
use sweet-, flowery-, or fruit-smelling soaps, lotions, or shampoos; they attract bees
Since few African-American accounting graduates become CPAs, perhaps accounting attracts a larger number of students inclined toward a profession that requires less demanding academic preparation.
UK-Based Oil and Gas Engineering Company Attracts, Develops and Retains Key Talent Across Its Global Business With the Help of Saba
Locally it's a mixture of thistle, niger and black (extra fatty) sunflower seeds that attracts everything from sparrows to finches, nut-hatches and jays.
A spiky mistletoe species on juniper trees attracts birds that spread the trees' seeds, says Ron J.
That's good for the humans, but bad because it attracts insects.
The mayor noted that the tour attracts more people than Science North does in Sudbury.