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acknowledge a new land owner as one's landlord

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Thus, in light of the fact that the bulk of his reasoning on the jurisdictional point focuses on attornment by agreement (which, of course, can be for limited purposes), his one-sentence assertion that ICBC was carrying on business in Ontario must be seen to have at best a peripheral status.
Jurisdiction simpliciter in Canada is determined on either of two broad standards: the traditional jurisdictional standards of presence, consent, or attornment, or the real and substantial connection test.
This poses no difficulty where the court has acted on the basis of some ground traditionally accepted by courts as permitting the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments--in the case of judgments in personam where the defendant was within the jurisdiction at the time of the action or when he submitted to its judgment whether by agreement or attornment.
This right of setoff will need the approval of the new landlord's lenders, and the tenant will want the lender to agree in a non-disturbance subordination and attornment agreement to be expressly bound by this setoff right in the event it forecloses or otherwise becomes the owner and landlord.
The servicer argued that the settlement payment was "rent" that should have been paid to it under a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement.
At common law, an appearance in foreign proceedings other than to protect property already seized was considered a voluntary appearance or attornment to the jurisdiction of the foreign court so that a resulting default judgment was enforceable.
A selection of topics discussed includes attornment, community property, distraint, ejectment, public utilities claims, quiet enjoyment, and written disclosure.
Reserve draws, lease approvals and Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements (SNDAs) occur somewhat less frequently and require more active management.
a subordination, nondisturbance, and attornment agreement), but ultimately may fail to receive that document from the borrower or third party.
Fresh proceedings must be brought thereupon, often in the normal course, although summary judgment is readily obtained where there has been an attornment by the debtor to the jurisdiction of the United States Court.
Other components of the developer's contract involved the SFWMD executing a nondisturbance and attornment agreement and a cross-parking agreement in order for the developer to secure financing.
Updating and Negotiating SNDAs for 2011" is a time-efficient way to get the most up-to-date information on the key terms to make sure are included (or not included) in subordination, non-disturbance, and attornment agreements (SNDAs) updated for 2011 and negotiation strategies to use with prospective landlords, tenants or lenders.
In those circumstances, failure to opt out may be regarded as a form of passive attornment sufficient to support the jurisdiction of the foreign court.
In addition, a series of appellate decisions appears to have modified the effect of the defendant's attornment on that party's ability to invoke a forum selection clause.