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acknowledge a new land owner as one's landlord

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As a result of its own behaviour, therefore, the defendant is estopped from invoking the forum selection clause to avoid the jurisdiction of the court to which it has already attorned.
By bringing their claim to that foreign court, the plaintiff "has necessarily attorned to its jurisdiction in a way that cannot later be disputed"; as explained above, it is on this rationale that opt-in national class actions survive scrutiny regarding territorial limits to legislative and adjudicative jurisdiction.
The appellate court found that Can-Am had attorned to Ontario jurisdiction by filing with the Ontario court a Notice of Intent to Defend and a Statement of Defence in which they defended the plaintiffs' claims on the merits.
This passage appears to overlook the fact that as the children were then in Nevada, the only effective action which the father could have taken would have been in the Court of that State where the mother's action was pending, and by applying to that Court he would have attorned to its jurisdiction which was the very thing which he had determined not to do.
In light of Canadian rules of conflict of laws, Dominic Thivy [a former co- defendant] attorned to the jurisdiction of the Florida court when he entered a defence to the .