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acknowledge a new land owner as one's landlord

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As Morrison, Gertner and Afarian point out, courts should be less willing to allow a defendant to go to another court and undermine a final judgment than in the case of an unnamed non-resident plaintiff who is only said to have attorned to the court's jurisdiction by failing to opt-out.
Whereas extraprovincial members of opt-in class actions can be said to have attorned to the forum court's jurisdiction, it is not possible to assert that non-resident plaintiffs who have failed to opt-out have similarly consented.
The principal legal issue facing the top court will be whether the Ontario Court of Appeal, having concluded that the defendants attorned to the jurisdiction of the Ontario courts, then erred in finding that those same defendants could still rely upon the foreign forum selection and dispute resolution clauses.
was decidedly clear that the real and substantial connection standard was satisfied by the traditional bases of jurisdiction simpliciter grounded on territorial jurisdiction over a defendant present within the forum, or who submitted to the exercise of that jurisdiction by a contractual agreement, or who attorned to the jurisdiction by taking procedural steps to defend the action.