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Synonyms for attitude

Synonyms for attitude

the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

a general cast of mind with regard to something

Synonyms for attitude

a theatrical pose created for effect

position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion)

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You're going to find fewer attitudinally loyal members than you are behaviorally loyal ones, and that's OK.
In analysing student narratives, for example, we know that successful writers generate possible worlds that build the exterior and interior experience of a character through certain choices of strong verbs, including saying and thinking verbs (experiential metafunction); they engage a reader's empathy and align readers with the viewpoint of particular characters through various forms of modality and attitudinally inflected vocabulary (interpersonal metafunction); and they make their texts coherent or 'hang together' often through a return to an earlier point of the narrative with a twist of some kind (textual metafunction).
Why leave a position at an established company in a different industry or graduate from college only to work in a company that looks physically and attitudinally dead?
In the same vein, male heterosexuals with high sexual prejudice tend to perceive themselves as dissimilar in attitudes to homosexuals, even when these homosexuals were depicted as attitudinally similar (Pilkington & Lydon, 1997).
It has a lot to do attitudinally with the boomer generation," notes Ritterbush of Joint Juice's appeal.
Grass emphasizes the middle and Paul Pokriefke's location there calendrically, politically, and attitudinally.
Yet, much like the moral concepts of justice and care, the divide between money and time is shrinking; not necessarily linearly, but the two concepts are becoming more closely related both legislatively and attitudinally.
The characteristics of the postindustrial knowledge worker exemplary of Florida's Creative Class entail being "comfortable in an ever-changing environment that demands creative shifts in communication with different kinds of clients and partners; attitudinally geared toward production that requires long, and often unsocial, hours; and accustomed, in the sundry exercises of their mental labour, to a contingent, rather than a fixed, routine of self-application" (Ross 11).
The holistic understanding you put forth in Reggae Wisdom is of the proverb as "a lived part of the culture, something that came to life fully if one were willing to be attitudinally and behaviorally in sync with the entire cultural weltanshauunng of which the proverb was only a fragment" (99).
The top 10 items that shoppers attitudinally consider to be some of the most expendable to save money include: 1.
A lot of forest biomes are moving attitudinally and most of the species that were found at the lower levels are slowly and slowly moving higher up," Walia said.
Because no differences were found demographically, attitudinally or behaviorally, it can be concluded that non-response bias was not present in the survey data.
It is necessary to say that the thematic contents we found were frequently used in attitudinally favorable or unfavorable ways, according to opposite poles.
The perceived fairness, or justice, of a program will cause employees to react attitudinally and behaviorally in a variety of ways.
Specifically, in an effort to be attitudinally and behaviorally consistent (i.