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Synonyms for attic



Synonyms for attic

floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof

the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and Athens and Ionia

informal terms for a human head

(architecture) a low wall at the top of the entablature

References in classic literature ?
But our attic, unique though it was, had by no means exhausted the architect's sense of humor.
When we reside in an attic we enjoy a supper of fried fish and stout.
While Tom Kitten was left alone under the floor of the attic, he wriggled about and tried to mew for help.
She went right upstairs and looked into the attics, but she could not find him anywhere.
They even fetched a candle, and looked inside a clothes chest in one of the attics.
The Attic was created by Hazel Darwin-Clements as part of her Starcatchers Artist in Residency at The Byre Theatre in 2010.
Bob van der Herchen, of Englewood, Florida, said his wife and son had been complaining of mysterious noises coming from the attic.
The ancient Greek city-state of Athens included the whole of the Attic peninsula, the region called Attica.
Removing the moisture in the air in the upper portions of attics by "conditioning" the attic with "dehumidified air" or removing the moisture in the air in the upper portions of attics by "air change.
Shockingly, the findings also revealed that more than a quarter of people didn't actually investigate the attic before moving into the house.
This campaign shows just how easy it is to quickly pop up into your attic to see how your own home measures up.
Soda and The Attic specialise in providing luxury VIP experiences and, this Christmas, they have several bespoke packages including, buffets, drink packages and cocktail masterclasses to offer.
President and CEO of ATTIC, RRG Ken Crippen said, "We see the deployment of the DriveCam Program as an extension of our mission to increase safety and reduce risk.
The story of that will be presented with "The Christmas Attic,'' which taps into a universal bit of mystery and magic -- the allure of discovering a long-lost treasure, which for the average American might just have been stored away in an attic.
They can damage walls and roofs, leave droppings throughout the attic and chew through electrical wires, which could lead to anything from a tripped breaker in the main electrical panel to a raging fire in the attic.