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an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

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The XRT75R06 incorporates an independent receiver for each channel, transmitter and jitter attenuator, while the XRT75R06D replaces the jitter attenuator with a desynchronizer.
The Variable Optical Attenuator Module is an important tool for determining a fiber link's optical margin, for performing insertion loss testing and verification, as well as for providing power control and equalization on the network.
The most critical factor affecting long term reliability of a Variable Optical Attenuator is the hermeticity," said Sushil Shah, President & CEO of Lightconnect.
The Fiber Optic Attenuator Global Market Forecast is available for US $9,850.
These millimeter wave waveguide attenuators are commonly used in the aerospace, defense, industrial, telecom, instrumentation and medical industries for applications such as high efficiency RF/microwave transmissions, test benches, SATCOM, MILCOM and radar testing.
The chopper wheel, thus, acts as an attenuator for radiation going to the test detector.
Using standard methods, we performed polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a previously published primer set and protocol which amplifies the region of DNA including the 35 box of the AmpC promoter and the 3' end of the attenuator, producing a 271-bp amplicons (5).
MEMSCAP's packaged Electrostatic Variable Optical Attenuator exhibits superior optical power attenuation stability in closed loop operation and is designed to fit most optical printed circuit boards available on the market.
There is a total of 236 new part numbers in this attenuator release from Fairview Microwave.
Guaranteed noise attenuation requires a sound power level of not more than 90 dBA at a horizontal distance from the top of the attenuator of 33 feet at design conditions.
MEMSCAP (Paris:MEMS), the leading provider of innovative solutions based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology, including optical components, today announces it has shipped more than 1 million Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuator chips over the last years.
Tenders are invited for Supply of fiber optic power meter and adjustable attenuator through the optical network.
Market Research Report on Attenuator Industry providing Global (United States, Europe, Japan, China) Market Scenario for 5 years (2014 to 2019) is now available under the Electronics Equipment Section of RnRMarketResearch.
Recent die level tests on the Thermally Actuated MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator product line confirmed that the MEMS devices operate within all specifications even after 200 millions cycles with all optical, mechanical and electrical properties remaining within their strict initial specifications.
Attenuator (20 dB/150 W), adapter (N-F to BNC-F), part number AC27003