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Estimates of the level of attenuation of model coefficients for single- and bipollutant models are presented to aid in the interpretation of future epidemiologic models including two or more pollutants.
2]) of the two successive echoes, the ultrasonic velocity (C) and attenuation (a) in the polymer melt can be separately expressed as follows:
When you think attenuation, always remember, it's not just the loss that causes the collapse of the eye; it's the frequency-dependent loss.
While the authors correctly state that "support for growth attenuation and support for improved social service funding are not clearly at odds, nor are the two mutually exclusive," a fundamental issue is where one devotes one's attention.
In order to determine the acoustic attenuation, the transceiver method using the non-contact transducers made by NCG 100D25 ULTRANGROUP U.
The results were subtracted from the former attenuation values in order to obtain the relative attenuation caused by the foliage.
The attenuation of total hydrocarbon ranged from 56 percent to 83 percent (Table 2) for press exhaust.
Contributors--presumably soil chemists or the like, through they do not say so--discuss the phenomenon from perspectives of methods to assess natural attenuation, processes that could lead to it, and its implications for risk assessment and the remediation of inorganic contaminants and the bioavailability of nutrients.
Miniaturization often tends to cause a deterioration of isolation and attenuation characteristics in the high frequency band, but we never sacrificed them this time.
Key words: Probabilistic seismic hazard, macroseismic data, seismogenic zonation, intensity attenuation, Italy
For example, interaural attenuation produces cross-hearing in the nontest ear via bone conduction (BC).
Signal distortion in turn is a function of the "slope" of the attenuation curve, not the absolute magnitude of the attenuation at a given frequency as noted in Bogatin's article.
A semi-aural protector, PerCap[R]'s soft polyurethane ear pods seal the opening of the ear canal and offer lower attenuation, making them ideal for workers exposed to low levels of hazardous noise.
Also employed is an optical signal amplification technology based on dispersion compensation fibers, which are used for high-speed communication paths, preventing optical signal attenuation from occurring for a transmission distance of 60km or longer.
The CT images are used for more precise and rapid attenuation correction of the PET data.