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Synonyms for attenuate

Synonyms for attenuate

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

to lessen the strength of by or as if by admixture

to become diffuse


Synonyms for attenuate

weaken the consistency of (a chemical substance)

become weaker, in strength, value, or magnitude

Related Words

reduced in strength

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Pentoxifylline maintains cochlear microcirculation and attenuates temporary threshold shifts following acoustic overstimulation.
What we've shown is that this satellite production attenuates the disease, and that it also greatly decreases the replication of the virus in the genetically engineered plants.
Blocking CTGF attenuates key pathologies induced by drivers of diabetic nephropathy: Studies have demonstrated that blocking CTGF attenuates AGE- and RAAS-induced renal pathologies including: tubular cell hypertrophy10,16,24, epithelial mesenchymal transition25, and fibronectin synthesis.
The Wake Island array also has the advantage of being on the ocean floor, where the crust, which Walker says "mucks signals up and attenuates their energies and frequencies," is thin.
The symposium will review certain cellular, preclinical and clinical aspects of low-dose opioid antagonist technology and is entitled "Selective Blockade of Excitatory Opioid Hyperalgesic Functions Enhances Morphine's Analgesic Potency and Attenuates Opioid Tolerance/Dependence Liability.