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Synonyms for attendance

Synonyms for attendance

the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc

the frequency with which a person is present

the number of people that are present

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We're holding our own, and if you'd asked at the start of the year if you'd be happy with an attendance drop of 1.
Average daily attendance last year was 4,017, down 8.
Big crowds at the Grand National meeting at Aintree helped toward a year-on-year rise in attendance figures for April
Ms Lewis also noted that schools in less well-off areas usually have the lowest attendance.
PARENTS who take their children on holiday during the school term and those who allow children to stay at home when they are not sick were blamed for poor attendance rates.
Levels of attendance at Trealaw Primary have been in decline over the last six years.
Staff have now made it a top priority to improve pupil attendance and are reviewing and updating the attendance and punctuality policies.
The current study attempted to test the contention that class attendance leads to better performance.
We also expected that attendance on more quiz days would lead to significantly higher overall test scores in the course.
We also investigated the cumulative influence of attendance on test scores in the class by comparing the students who did not take any of the quizzes, with those that took one quiz, with those that took two of the three quizzes, and with those students who took all of the quizzes (see Table I for means and standard deviations).
The school took part in attendance activities and we had prizes such as posters and pens from Liverpool Football Club to hand out.
TOP MARKS: Some of the pupils who gained awards celebrate with the Attendance Hero (left to right) Hannah,Amy,Jaimie,Christopher,Jordan and Christopher Picture: FRANK LOUGHLIN
The number of attendances made by patients to wards for nursing care increased by 0.
7 million outpatient attendances of which 3 million were first attendances.
3 million first attendances at accident & emergency departments and minor injury units.