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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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Faced with the shortage of sandalwood trees in Southern India from which sandalwood oil is extracted, the attar industry in Kannauj has been fighting the serious threat posed by modern cheap chemical perfumes.
The most expensive is the `Ruh Gulab' or Rose attar, which costs over USD 300 for only half a teaspoon.
Other than the perfumeries of Kannauj mentioned in the piece, you can also buy attars from the following in Delhi and Mumbai:
He often frequented my grandmother's home, who changed her attar according to the season and always said that of all the organs, the nose creates most nostalgia.
Dublin-born Mr Maccaba, aged 46, who converted to Judaism in 1990, had vehemently denied defence claims that he offered family friend Alain Attar one million dollars for his wife Nathalie and twice sexually harassed her.
Mr Maccaba said he and orthodox Jew Nathalie Attar had had a 'close, emotional attachment', which was 'reciprocal', from June 1998 until August 1999, but it was at all times 'not a physical relationship'.
The Attars and Rabbi Lichtenstein are now in Israel.
Rabbi Lichtenstein claimed London-based Mr Maccaba offered family friend Alain Attar $1million to let his wife Nathalie spend the rest of her life with him.
Dayan Lichtenstein was not available for comment at the weekend, but his spokesman said: "The Attars are a quiet, dignified people.
The Attars, meanwhile, are believed to have gone to Israel to visit their relatives.