attar of roses

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a volatile fragrant oil obtained from fresh roses by steam distillation


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The application process was started in 2012 by producers of Bulgarian attar of roses in the Kazanlak and Karlovo regions.
There are many healing properties attributed to rose oil and Scherer believes that there will be interest in owning Attar of Roses produced when the Earth was a cleaner place.
Cleopatra would never have set off to woo Mark Anthony armed with a single spritz of attar of roses.
In markets as far afield as the Khan el Khalili in the old city of Cairo to the five acre site of covered stalls in the ancient walled city of Kano in northern Nigeria the odour of attar of roses, sweet jasmine and the spicier ambience created by oud, frankincense and sandalwood, encapsulate the very spirit of Islamic culture.
Scented geraniums are available in garden centres; ask for Pelargonium capita tum (rose-scentedgeranium)or the variety of Attar of Roses.