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Synonyms for attainable

Synonyms for attainable

capable of being obtained or used

Synonyms for attainable

capable of being attained or accomplished


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The reforms being demanded are really attainable, and if those negotiating on both sides have the interest of the people in mind, what is wrong with national independence and doing away with unequal treaties and agreements?
The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan, along with Westgate Heights Attainable Housing Inc.
Twenty-four Hopewell Residential properties in the southeast communities of Mahogany and Copperfield will be available to homebuyers using the Attainable Homes system.
On April 15, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell officially launched Attainable Homes first inner-city development.
I think the hurdles world record is attainable," said the 27-year-old, who falsestarted in his last appearance at the Diamond League meeting in Lausanne on Thursday.
This first group of organic magnets is not moldable, but the team expects that trait to be attainable.
The principle taught by the movement's founders, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, is that the path to Divine Consciousness is not a disciplinary process extending across decades of discipline but rather a neurobiological process attainable to anyone who desires it.
The current administration then raised it - in their words -to "an attainable 9.
Initially, we hope the repertoire requested for our student's first experience is at an attainable level for them, or at least reducible to a playable version that can promise success with practice.
Initial evaluations of molded parts indicate that surface aesthetics attainable using NexPrene 9500 SHF materials are superior to those achieved using conventional thermoplastic elastomers, according to the manufacturer.
Having reviewed its three-year Hitz-Innovation management plan that started in 2005, Hitachi concluded that the objectives of these businesses would not be attainable in terms of growth and profit from the viewpoints of the inadequate business scale and current market trends.
Fleming has set some goals he feels are attainable while he serves as president of RJE "Ideally, we want RJF to be our customers' risk management department in the middle market," he said.
By selectively tailoring wall thicknesses, more complicated designs incorporating handles became readily attainable.
Today he looks at whether housing is attainable, not necessarily affordable.
While those sales prices may be attainable as long as the Manhattan market remains hot, a combination of so many luxury residential units coming to market, rising interest rates and other uncertain economic factors could significantly affect pricing of these units.