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Pass & Cut: The attacker passes the ball to a teammate and tries to cut in front of his defender.
Amimour also spent time in Syria, as did the presumed ringleader of the Nov 13 attackers, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 28, a Belgian of Moroccan origin who was killed the following week in a police raid near Paris.
The car used by the attackers was found abandoned in the district's Karsly neighborhood.
PESHAWAR -- At least two persons including an attacker were killed and seven others injured during cross firing between security forces and militant at Gora Qabristan here on Thursday morning.
Plovdiv District Prosecutor Office Spokesman Galina Andreeva did not name the attacker, and said that he would be charged with damaging historical and cultural property as well as fuel theft.
Until enterprises acknowledge the inherent risks associated with relying on Active Directory and build a strategy to mitigate risks, we will continue to see attackers walking off with valuable information undetected.
The attackers beat me a lot, tore my cloths and snatched my mobile phone.
The ball is transferred quickly to the other end of the pitch, where there are now two attackers against three defenders.
26, that 3 suicide attackers, wearing explosive vests, tried to storm the headquarters of the 1st Rapid Reaction Brigade in Karmeh district, east of Falluja.
htm) ongoing stand-off in the upscale shopping centre which has entered the third day, the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabaab tweeted the names of the attackers involved in the siege.
Summary: Afghan: Taliban attackers stormed a court and surrounding buildings in the far-western Afghan town of .
Investigators claim Jundal referred to an official, Major Sameer, who dropped two cartons of AK- 47 cartridges that were taken by the attackers to Mumbai.
KIRKUK / Aswat al-Iraq: The Kirkuk Kurdish Asayish (Security) reported today that two of its members were killed and another two wounded by shots from two cars south west of the city, pointing that one of the attackers was killed during the event.
The 16-year-old victim was in the park next to Northway, in Runcorn, just before 7pm on Monday when he was dragged into a bush by his attackers, who both had their faces partly covered.
MARDAN, July 21 -- 3 suicide bombers among 5 attackers killed, 2 escape; four jawans hurt.