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Synonyms for attach

attach yourself to or be attached to something


  • join
  • accompany
  • associate with
  • combine with
  • join forces with
  • latch on to
  • unite with
  • sign up with
  • become associated with
  • sign on with
  • affiliate yourself with

Synonyms for attach

to join one thing to another

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for attach

References in classic literature ?
She has assured me she attaches no serious importance to her aunt's wanderings, when the poor old lady's fever was at its worst.
Still, there is a certain interest which attaches to the mantel-piece: it conceals a cleverly constructed hiding-place, between the floor of the room and the ceiling of the room beneath, which was made during the last evil days of the Inquisition in Venice, and which is reported to have saved an ancestor of my gracious lord pursued by that terrible tribunal.
To this day I remember, with a tenderness which attaches to no other memories of mine, the books that I read to her, the sunny corner on the seashore where I sat with her, the games of cards that we played together, the little trivial gossip that amused her when she was strong enough for nothing else.
To Coleridge, who was slightly the younger of the two, attaches the further pathetic interest of high genius largely thwarted by circumstances and weakness of will.
But I have since learned that trade curses everything it handles; and though you trade in messages from heaven, the whole curse of trade attaches to the business.
So mysterious that a certain mystery attaches to the people to whom such a thing does happen.
They appear and reappear and continue to attract; but the regard changes, quits the sign and attaches to the substance.
And in its next incarnation, consistently and logically, it attaches itself to the American outcast, namely, the tramp.
Much of what passes for revelation or mystic insight probably comes in this way: the belief-feeling, in abnormal strength, attaches itself, more or less accidentally, to some content which we happen to think of at the appropriate moment.