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a shallow and rectangular briefcase


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These attache cases are twinned with the full set of luggage also developed by Rolls-Royce Bespoke for 'Sweptail'.
Several years ago, though, I decided I could go even smaller, replacing the attache case with a shoulder bag that could collapse down to a pile of canvas (thanks Adobe).
The tape recorder was hidden in an attache case to prevent detection by policemen guarding the cancer patient, a recording company source said.
The handy 4x6” format is convenient for purse, backpack, pouch or attache case.
Does anyone remember Henry, who used to wear a red beret and carry an attache case full of newspapers?
Have your attache case so you can read your questions or notes, and make sure you write down (in shorthand) their answers so you can reflect on them afterwards.
I found an attache case at an auction in Rembrandt, Iowa.
Unlike a stiff attache case, which has a carry handle, a man bag has a strap and is usually made of soft leather or canvas, allowing men to sling it across their backs.
The package is rounded out with a faux alligator pink attache case with high-polish stainless steel trim.
The takedown rifle came in an attache case, so that's the way I traveled with it.
When I went to Tahiti a few years ago, I took a small metal case with a 5-inch SCT and an attache case with foam cutouts for eyepieces, etc.
I put it into a little black attache case with pink velvet inside, and she said I'll call you on Friday.
Also available is a limitededition attache case featuring a lithograph signed by one of the band for pounds 1,999.
Featured luggage from Topas Gold Collection by Rimowa: attache case, $1,015; beauty case, $950; cabin trolley, $1,250; jumbo trolley, $1,355; jumbo trolley, $1,550.
Meanwhile, a neat cube which can easily be packed into an attache case can contain all the wondrous grandeur of Wagner's Ring cycle.