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Synonyms for attache

a specialist assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission

a shallow and rectangular briefcase


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She addressed the attache, who was at a loss now what to begin upon.
Now I think of it, I heard something of a young English attache.
An empty fork is raised to the lips: there it receives a neatly-cut piece of mutton, and swiftly conveys it to the plate, where it instantly attaches itself to the mutton already there.
Letterblair continued, "that she attaches no importance to the money.
Does he think me a scoundrel, or an old fool who, without any reason, keeps his own daughter at a distance and attaches this Frenchwoman to himself?
Still, there is a certain interest which attaches to the mantel-piece: it conceals a cleverly constructed hiding-place, between the floor of the room and the ceiling of the room beneath, which was made during the last evil days of the Inquisition in Venice, and which is reported to have saved an ancestor of my gracious lord pursued by that terrible tribunal.
Khartoum, 7 March (SUNA) - The Minister for Defense, lt General Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibin Aouf, on Wednesday received the new USA military Attache to the Sudan, Major Adam Mathieu.
The pressure on Sri Lanka to account for its military actions - actions Washington interpreted as war crimes which it emphasized warrants foreign jurors to sit in judgment - that emerged during the final stage (March through May 2009) of the Eelam War IV, seems to have a direct connection to the manner in which the Defense Attache Office (DAO) of the U.
Lithuania's economic interests abroad are taken care of by 13 diplomats who perform economic functions, 15 commercial attaches delegated by the Economy Ministry, four agriculture attaches delegated by the Agriculture Ministry, three transport attaches and a customs attache, all delegated by the Ministry of Transport and Communication.
Our Attache consultant, KC Little from Tricolour Consulting, has been the key to us successfully applying the strengths of Attache.
Al-Ragem has made history by becoming the first Attache from an Arab country to be elected as Dean of CAMNA in a European country when he was elected on May 28.
Summary: Cultural attache says strangers may approach students and ask them to participate in political activities and terror
Currently, Abbasqoli said, Italy is the only country in Europe that Iran has a commercial attache in.
London, Jan 18 (ONA) The Ministry of Higher Education, represented by the Omani Cultural Attache in London, took part in the 1st GCC Cultural Attaches meeting in the United Kingdom (UK), which was held at the building of the Saudi Cultural Attache.
Upon arrival at the venue, the Saudi squadron was received by Naval Brigadier Ali Mohammed Al-Harbi; Saudi Acting Military Attache Col.