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Antonyms for attachable

capable of being fastened or added to something else


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It also has an attachable keyboard with protective case and battery.
If you're looking for a truly unique attachable trailer that goes above and beyond the average, the Ultimate Double trailer that they offer at TW-N-ONE Trailers is a great choice.
One of these is a collar attachable camera, that takes photos throughout the day at specific intervals.
Tiles are stored on an attachable tile pallet to allow interchangeable use of both sides of the work surface.
Bracelet buddy: This allows for easy fastening of your jewellery thanks to gold and silver coloured attachable magnetic clasps.
Acer yesterday unveiled new Windows 8 products, including tablets that come with attachable peripherals and ultrabooks fitted with touchscreens, as the company tries to set itself apart from the competition with new hardware designs that meld features from both tablets and notebooks.
Through a head-up display, a transparent plate attachable to a sun visor, the driver views such information as route guidance, distance to a destination and planned arrival time on a 90-by-30 centimeter screen that appears 3 meters away from the driver, the company said.
This result represents an exciting technology with the strong potential to realize all flexible electronic systems for the development of a freely bendable and attachable computer in the near future," Prof.
Taipei, May 30, 2011 (CENS) -- In light of brisk shipments of Eee Pad Transformer, which is a mixture of tablet PC and netbook going with an attachable keypad, industry executives estimated Asustek Computer Inc.
In the moment of capture Ahmat Bakiev had a pistol, a mask, attachable moustache, wig.
The five-liter pressurized mini-keg can be dispensed using an attachable tap, or it can be dispensed using a Krups BeerTender.
A third, magnetic LED light in the boot can be removed and used as a torch, and is attachable to any metal surface.
Features include: rubberized coating for shock dampening; hot-swappable battery capability; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and optional mobile broadband (WWAN); integrated digital camera/video with illuminator light and image software; GPS (with WWAN option); Work Anywhere kit; FlexDock and attachable, spill-resistant Mobile Keyboard; security features and optional smart card reader; and, natural pen/speech input.
It includes numerous multi-weapon containers, designed to hold any combination of M4s and Ml6s; chests with sliding drawers, designed for supply storage; the Field Desk that comes with attachable tabletops for quick setup; large and small footlockers and trunk lockers; the lighter-weight, injection-molded trunk locker; and a full range of single-lid cases.
Catheter systems usually consist of an energy generator and an attachable catheter, which is used on the patient's tissue.