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Antonyms for attachable

capable of being fastened or added to something else


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If you're looking for a truly unique attachable trailer that goes above and beyond the average, the Ultimate Double trailer that they offer at TW-N-ONE Trailers is a great choice.
Attachable accessories include a gripping hand and a pen adaptor.
Acer yesterday unveiled new Windows 8 products, including tablets that come with attachable peripherals and ultrabooks fitted with touchscreens, as the company tries to set itself apart from the competition with new hardware designs that meld features from both tablets and notebooks.
Through a head-up display, a transparent plate attachable to a sun visor, the driver views such information as route guidance, distance to a destination and planned arrival time on a 90-by-30 centimeter screen that appears 3 meters away from the driver, the company said.
In the moment of capture Ahmat Bakiev had a pistol, a mask, attachable moustache, wig.
A third, magnetic LED light in the boot can be removed and used as a torch, and is attachable to any metal surface.
Features include: rubberized coating for shock dampening; hot-swappable battery capability; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and optional mobile broadband (WWAN); integrated digital camera/video with illuminator light and image software; GPS (with WWAN option); Work Anywhere kit; FlexDock and attachable, spill-resistant Mobile Keyboard; security features and optional smart card reader; and, natural pen/speech input.
It includes numerous multi-weapon containers, designed to hold any combination of M4s and Ml6s; chests with sliding drawers, designed for supply storage; the Field Desk that comes with attachable tabletops for quick setup; large and small footlockers and trunk lockers; the lighter-weight, injection-molded trunk locker; and a full range of single-lid cases.
Catheter systems usually consist of an energy generator and an attachable catheter, which is used on the patient's tissue.
Personal Cooling System The Black Ice Cool Collar Personal Cooling System, models CCXK and CCX-S, is a two-piece system consisting of a soft neoprene wrap applied to the back of the neck, with an attachable, reusable cooling element that maintains a regulated temperature output of 57 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1.
Fake it with super glam lace embellished eylure Vivid Lash Black Widow fake attachable lashes for pounds 8 at Superdrug.
The vest's integrated throat protector the same protection as the current attachable version, but is more comfortable.
The attachable lid seals the tray, protecting the paint and roller from drying out while you snooze.
The XLT-17 features: three frequency filters (low pass, high pass and frequency select); last setting memory; tactile keypad and digital display; shielded sensor for reduced response to outside noise; a headset for clearer sound response; automatic battery test--real time voltage level; two 9-volt batteries; a compact control box with an attachable strap; and heavy duty carrying case.