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(of an anchor) just clear of the bottom

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The organization, which is supported by over 300 companies, originally formed its alliance with ATRIP because of its longstanding opposition to unilateral sanctions.
travel restrictions to Cuba, and the addition of NTA to our Board of Directors will further help us achieve this goal," said Brent Gibadlo, Executive Director of ATRIP.
Activities include trekking in the Annapurna region, an elephant-back safari in Chitwan and atrip in a dug-out canoe on the rapti river.
Ngogloan move is a no-go for Baggies boss Di Matteo Ngogloan move is a no-go for Baggies boss Di Matteo ATRIP to Stamford Bridge is not the kindest of starts for the newly promoted Baggies.
Atrip was made to Companies House to pick up the shareholders register, while website appeals and even cold calling in some cases have tracked down as many shareholders as possible.
Atrip to the local hospital helped alot but the pain from the ulcer I caused lasted a week.
Atrip to southern Scotland could be the ideal way to relax this summer.
25) Disappointed in a winners' bumper last time having won previously at Punchestown, but gets the vote to make a winning hurdles debut here over atrip that should suit.
As such, ATRIP will give up its rented Washington office and move into NFTC headquarters on K Street.
Combined memberships of our organizations that address business interests across the spectrum -- from manufacturing to the service sector, and now to the travel sector -- will be a vital component of our new alliance with ATRIP in our long-standing effort to improve U.
As its first initiative to promote this Constitutional right, ATRIP has retained Patton Boggs LLP and is working with Members of Congress to lift the ban on travel to Cuba.
Atrip to the capital is long overdue and it's a huge carrot for the players.
This train is living proof that the golden age of travel really still does exist and atrip on it is without doubt one of the world's very best and most sought after travel experiences.
ATRIP over to Halifax led to worthwhile visits to the Piece Hall and Bankfield Galleries.