atrioventricular node

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a node of specialized heart muscle located in the septal wall of the right atrium

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We describe the main features of the cystic tumor of the atrioventricular node (CTAVN), another pseudoneoplastic lesion that may cause sudden death.
1-4) Patients with right ventricular infarction due to RCA occlusion have a poor prognosis and are at high risk of disturbances in conduction at the atrioventricular node, (5,6) whereas patients with occlusion of the circumflex artery are thought to have a good prognosis.
Compared to all of the species investigated by the authors, the atrioventricular node of a pig shows greatest innervation.
In 2006, Ablation Frontiers received CE Mark to begin marketing its system of catheters and the GENius[TM] Radiofrequency (RF) Generator in the European Union to treat supraventricular arrhythmias and for use in atrioventricular node ablation.
The other seven QRSs are the result of conduction down the atrioventricular node and His bundle and show left bundle branch block.
For patients whom drugs do not help, another option is to destroy the atrioventricular node, which transmits electrical signals from the atria to the ventricles.
A cryoablation catheter that is used to ablate conducting tissues of the heart with cold energy has been approved as a treatment for atrioventricular node reentry tachycardia.
The literature contains a case report of aortic valve PFE coincident with a cystic tumor of the atrioventricular node.
Five pigs were treated with a modified adenovirus containing the gene that codes for the inhibitory G protein, a protein that is active in the heart's atrioventricular node and helps control heartbeat.
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