atrial fibrillation

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fibrillation of the muscles of the atria of the heart

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Excess weight explained most of the increased risk with atrial fibrillation, said study author Dr.
Appropriate anticoagulant therapy substantially reduces the risk of stroke, but in many cases non-valvular atrial fibrillation is only diagnosed after a patient has had a stroke, he continued.
The factors propelling growth in this market include increasing number of people suffering from atrial fibrillation and favorable regulations.
Since rheumatic heart disease is the commonest cause of atrial fibrillation, some investigators have suggested that atrial fibrillation is related to rheumatic involvement of the left atrial wall, others however have noted patients with atrial fibrillation have a large left atrium and interpret this as evidence that atrial dilatation is in some way related to atrial fibrillation.
The main difference between a normal rhythm and atrial fibrillation is that you are unable to predict when the next heart beat will come along, as heart rate is irregular.
7-fold increased risk of developing atrial fibrillation after adjustment for age, gender, race, exercise, alcohol intake, current smoking, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, body mass index, and glycosylated hemoglobin.
The presumed mechanism of benefit lies in the mounting evidence suggesting It's that inflammation plays a role in both the initiation and maintenance of atrial fibrillation.
In the uncoagulated patient with atrial fibrillation the risk of recurrent stroke is extremely high.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Through a commitment to education and the funding of community based projects, 1 Mission 1 Million has the potential to make a significant and meaningful difference for those affected by atrial fibrillation.
Dublin's study was the first to examine the relationship between atrial fibrillation and the duration of patients' diabetes and their blood sugar levels.
Use of bisphosphonates among women and risk of atrial fibrillation and flutter: population-based case-control study.
The higher a CAD patient's level of anxiety, depression, somatization, or hostility, the greater the long-term risk of developing atrial fibrillation, explained Dr.
Atrial fibrillation is far different from life-threatening ventricular fibrillation, explains NHW editor-in-chief and heart rhythm expert Dr.
Chinese researchers have for the first time identified a genetic defect that causes atrial fibrillation, a heart condition that afflicts 5 percent of people over 65 years old.
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