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of or relating to a cavity or chamber in the body (especially one of the upper chambers of the heart)

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This anomaly that is unreported in any other literature created a hemodynamically significant narrowing during systole and atrial contraction in patient (1).
Preoperative pressure and volume loading increase the role that atrial contraction plays in ventricular filling and cardiac output.
This study demonstrated that the selected Ya-hom preparation increased vascular smooth muscle contraction, and increased the force but decreased the rate of atrial contraction.
The present study shows the ECG changes that attributed to the acute RV pressure loading states (Premature atrial contraction, right axis deviation, indeterminate axis, incomplete RBBB, late R in aVR, qR in V1) may be more prevalent in patients with chronic pressure loading states.
05 Data are presented as mean [+ or -] SD * --unpaired Student's t test A--flow velocity during atrial contraction, AT--acceleration time, DT--deceleration time E--flow velocity during rapid ventricular filling, EF--ejection fraction, ET--ejection time, ICT--isovolumic contraction time, IRT--isovolumic relaxation time, LV--left ventricle, LVEDD--left ventricular end-diastolic dimension, LVESD--left ventricular end-systolic dimension, MPI -myocardial performance index, PEP--pre-ejection period Table 2.
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, reported this month in Annals of Internal Medicine that people with a high rate of premature atrial contractions, which can be detected by a Holter monitor worn for 24 hours, face a significantly increased risk of developing A-fib.
The different types of SVA are premature atrial contractions (PAC), supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), sick sinus syndrome (SSS), atrial fibrillation (A-fib) and atrial flutter (AFL).
any kind of atrioventricular or intraventricular conditions or blocks such as complete left or right bundle branch block, AV node block, QTc or PR prolongation, premature atrial contractions or other atrial arrhythmia, sustained ventricular arrhythmia, two premature ventricular contractions in a row, ST elevation consistent with ischemia)
A Holter monitor demonstrated evidence of increased supraventricular ectopy, with 157 [+ or -] 34 premature atrial contractions per hour during the 3 hr immediately preceding the exposure to GAPs.
Premature supraventricular contractions or premature atrial contractions (PAC).
Using 24-hr beat-to-beat electrocardiographic data obtained using a high-resolution Holter system, the researchers sumarized the total number of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) and premature atrial contractions for each 30-min segment.
Less common adverse effects include transient or prolonged asystole, varying degrees of AV block, premature ventricular contractions, premature atrial contractions and bradycardia.
Atrial fibrillation is a form of reentrant atrial tachycardia, whereby the atria (upper chambers of the heart) have chaotic electrical activity without coordinated and effective atrial contractions.