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Synonyms for atonalism

the absence of a key


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concerned only with showing that they know a vast amount, so that on walls painted by Portinari they see only the murals of Rivera, in the atonalism of Francisco Mignone they find only Schoenberg, or in 'Ciclo da Cana de Acucar' the French roman-fleuve.
Rather than conjuring up classic Dead performances, the symphony is more likely to remind you of American music from the early 20th century, before atonalism and minimalism began frightening off middlebrow audiences.
All periods are comprehensively analyzed: baroque, classical, romantic, bel canto, opera buffa, German romanticism, Wagner and music drama, verismo, plus analysis of the Tristan Chord, atonalism and minimalism.
On the expressive plane the neoavant-garde experimented with new forms like asyntacticalism, atonalism, with an intention at once representative and contestative of the reality affected by schizomorphism.