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Synonyms for atomize

spray very finely


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strike at with firepower or bombs

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break up into small particles

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The spray gun accommodates a three-stage process that hydraulically pre-atomizes the stain and creates a vortex, forms a hollow fluid bulb, and then finely atomizes the stain with a 2000 air cap and baffle combination.
Netomat atomizes information, loosening it from its location within a particular site and presenting it in a streaming collage of overlapping images, texts, and sounds--a process described in an accompanying wall text as one that takes the viewer "on a journey deep into the Internet's subconscious.
This can be important because GreenShift's Tornado Generator(TM) technology cost-effectively grinds, desiccates, and atomizes solid and liquid wastes and other materials into micron sized powders.
The Tornado causes a swirling, tornado-like motion of the airflow that better atomizes the fuel and results in better flame propagation, more mileage and more horsepower.