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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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Thanks to this, the ProBell rotary atomizer produces a superior finish with an extremely high transfer efficiency.
The company also offers a more durable atomizer under the brand name Travalo, made from lightweight aluminum so that consumers can take their fragrance wherever they go.
A year ago it cost about $50 to get a naloxone kit, consisting of an atomizer and the medication.
A 400 per cent increase in premium that Alba is charging for its metal has put aluminium powder maker Bahrain Atomizers International (BAI) in a tight spot.
The variation of mean drop size and droplet distribution with axial distance in a spray generated by pressure swirl atomizer can be show in function of ambient air pressure and velocity, liquid injection pressure, and initial mean drop size and distribution [4,5].
Among specific topics are carbon dioxide capture in a spray column using a critical flow atomizer, a new approach for near-surface assurance monitoring in geological carbon sequestration, carbon dioxide efflux from cleared mangrove peat, soil microbial responses to elevated carbon dioxide and ozone in a nitrogen-aggrading agroecosystem, and capturing carbon dioxide from air.
This new Diamond Anvil vapour pen features a revised atomizer that can be adapted to deliver a variety of nutraceutical substances, including dry herbs, oils and waxes.
Nose chose a black bulb atomizer from Aptar beauty + home for this men's fragrance, designed by Nose in honor of "Style according to Gustave H," head concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel during the 1930s.
Similar to a disposable electronic cigarette in that it uses a battery to heat up an atomizer and generate a nicotine vapor, the E-Cigar is larger and looks just like a traditional tobacco cigar.
5 for Multifunctional Electronic Inhaler, Electronic Pipe, Electronic Cigarette, Disposable Integrated E-Atomizing Inhaler, Electronic Atomizer, Electronic Cigar respectively, all issued by the Patent Office Of The People's Republic Of China.
The handy atomizer makes it mess and fuss-free too.
Two of the resident stallholders visited the Lille Brocante in Northern France and sourced some interesting items such as a Christian Dior perfume atomizer, pretty trinket boxes,vintage treen needlecases and mother of pearl buttons.
Called Asthmanefrin, the line is being marketed in a starter kit that includes 10 Asthmanefrin vials and an EZ Breathe atomizer and a refill package of 20 Asthmanefrin vials.
Paint application is performed with the EcoBell 3 rotating atomizer, and color change with the EcoLCC color changer.
For instance, when used with the company's smallest fan-driven atomizer, the DustBoss DB-30, which has a flow rate of about 2.