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Synonyms for atomize

spray very finely


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strike at with firepower or bombs

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break up into small particles

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The atomized product represents less than 10% of Zemex's revenues on a continuing basis.
This deep application project represents the first EHC/ZVI barrier installed using our proprietary gas atomized injection method.
In their beauty and horror they resembled Convert's black-lacquer cast of atomized cherry tree branches from the Seju-ji temple in Hiroshima (Cerisier atomise du temple Seju-ji, Hiroshima, 1997-98).
The addition of Greenback Industries would give Pyron the capacity to produce air atomized copper powder and permit it to expand its overall non-ferrous product line to include elemental tin, alloyed infiltration material and pre-alloyed bronze powder.
This settlement does not affect ARS' patented pneumatic fracturing and gas based atomized injection technology.
The sliest, shrewdest image in the series was a version of Sherman's hitchhiker film still, so atomized it looked like it might evaporate.
The outlook is for further growth in sales revenues and profitability in 1993, particularly in metal powders, due to increased sales of Pyron Corporation's atomized steel and nonferrous products.
CELLESTA also includes the Atomized Spray advanced surface clean, which provides high particle removal efficiency (PRE) with no pattern or surface structure damage.
Exiting from subway stairs and office buildings, talking on cellular phones, diCorcia's subjects seem detached, atomized, affectless.
is a leading global manufacturer of gas atomized specialty metal powders and consolidated powder metallurgy products.
This tendency has by now occasioned several generations of atomized, affectless citizens.
Visit GreenShift's booth at the ValueRich conference, where products will be displayed that the Tornado Generator has atomized into fine, shelf stable, virtually odorless powders.
The resultant self-portrait is atomized into ever contingent identities and associations: middle class, desocialized, plump, slender, male, female, French, left-handed, intellectual, tubercular.
SPS leading edge technologies include the new Single Wafer Clean tool for FEOL strip and post cleans, which incorporates the unique and environmentally-friendly Vapor Ozone Strip (VOS) for non-plasma resist removal; and Atomized Spray (AS), an alternative to traditional megasonics for enhanced particle removal without pattern damage.
Amy Ficon, sales support manager, food market sector, BOC, says, "The cryogenic impingement freezer combines high-velocity airflow with the atomized liquid nitrogen to produce a continuous, consistent, uniform freezing not found in mechanical impingement freezers.