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Synonyms for atomization

separating something into fine particles

annihilation by reducing something to atoms

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Typically, atomization operations are optimized to produce a particular size powder, with spheres outside the desired range considered byproducts of the process.
Global Atomization Fan Industry 2015 Deep Market Research Report is a professional and depth research report on Global Atomization fan industry.
Advanced Atomization Technologies will be located in the Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division facility in Clyde, New York.
2002) quantified the decrease in power consumption (approximately 28%) associated with the atomization of water in air reciprocating compressors.
To quantitatively analyze the atomization process by ultrasonic vibration, Lang (6) proposed a relationship to predict the size of atomized droplets, where the density and surface tension of liquid were considered as major material parameters.
This can be caused during application if the spray gun is too close to the substrate, too much paint is being applied (too thick), there is poor atomization, fan width is too narrow, or the fluid delivery is too high.
Atomization through a two-fluid nozzle typically produces small particles in the range of 2-75[micro]m while atomization through pressure nozzles produces a larger particle in the range of 50-200[micro]m.
Gas atomization of molten metals for metal powder production or spray forming (Spray casting) applications is often done by means of atomization nozzles, where the disintegration of the melt is due to impinging high kinetic energy inert gas jets.
The new atomizing spray nozzles from Lee Products generate a precise 50[degrees] hollow cone spray pattern to ensure controlled atomization in a very compact package.
This is an FDA-listed medical device for nasal drug administration that delivers a topical sinus treatment by applying positive-pressure atomization to the sinuses.
Finally, they examine the linear and nonlinear electrokinetics associated with free surfaces, the concepts of electrohydrodynamic atomization and the electrospinning of polymer fibers, and electrowetting and electrokinetic bubble transport.
Mohammad Rajabi, the researcher at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran prepared hypereutectic nano-alloys of aluminum-silicon through two methods of melt-spinning and gas atomization and examined their microstructures and composing phases by optical microscope, XRD, SEM and TEM.
The impinging jets would help create more atomization of the liquid jets, while the aeroramp induces additional vorticity and mixing.
The process of breaking or atomization of the liquid fuel into tiny droplets in the form of a fine spray plays a vital role in various industrial and propulsion applications.
Transmet's shot products are produced in a proprietary centrifugal atomization process that allows for precise control of sizing.